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    cinera.c: Support private videos · 33cbb5b0
    Matt Mascarenhas authored
    It merely checks the video's privacy status and, if not public, records
    its corresponding HMML base filename privately in the .metadata without
    generating a player page or a search / table of contents entry for it.
    Every four hours it will loop over the .metadata to recheck the privacy
    status of any privately recorded entries, and process newly public ones.
    Fix template validation to check that the script comes after both the
    player and menus (previously it only specified the player).
    Fix relocation code to try and remove only the child directories of the
    BaseDir, and no shallower (previously it would try and "recursively"
    remove directories all the way back to /, obviously not actually getting
    there because it would encounter a non-empty directory along the way).
    Add "Modes" to the startup printout.
        -g Ignore privacy status
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