Commit 6154e87f by William Bundy

rituals build 120

parent b7254270
git add --all
git commit -m "rituals build 119"
git commit -m "rituals build 120"
git push
git push github
......@@ -91,12 +91,6 @@ Memory_Arena* Work_Arena;
Memory_Arena* Temp_Arena;
struct foobar
int **((*v[8])[32]);
char* load_file(char* filename, isize* size_out, Memory_Arena* arena)
char* str = NULL;
......@@ -1332,14 +1332,18 @@ enum Meta_Type
struct Meta_Member
uint64 flags;
Meta_Type type;
isize type_index;
uint32 pointer_depth;
char* name;
uint64 offset;
void print_meta_member(Struct_Def* parent, Struct_Member* member)
void print_reflection_data(Struct_Def* def)
//print meta type declaration
//print array of members in arr
......@@ -1696,7 +1696,6 @@ flags src/wtb_sprite_renderer.h /^ uint32 flags;$/;" m struct:Sprite
float2fixed src/thirdparty/stb_image.h 3072;" d
float2fixed src/thirdparty/stb_image.h 3100;" d
follow_dist src/rituals_game_info.cpp /^ real follow_dist;$/;" m struct:Rituals_Entity_Userdata::__anon3 file:
foobar src/metaprogram/metaprogram_main.cpp /^struct foobar$/;" s file:
force src/rituals_simulation.cpp /^ Vec2 velocity, force, collision_vel;$/;" m struct:Sim_Body file:
fps src/rituals_animations.cpp /^ real fps;$/;" m struct:Animation file:
frame src/rituals_particles.cpp /^ int32 frame;$/;" m struct:Particle file:
......@@ -2470,6 +2469,7 @@ prev src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ Token *prev, *next;$/;" m struct:
prev_time src/rituals_main.cpp /^ usize current_time = 0, prev_time = 0;$/;" m struct:Play_State file:
prev_time src/rituals_win32.cpp /^usize current_time = 0, prev_time = 0;$/;" v
print_indent src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_indent(int32 indent)$/;" f
print_meta_member src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_meta_member(Struct_Def* parent, Struct_Member* member)$/;" f
print_proc_prototype src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_proc_prototype(Proc_Prototype* p)$/;" f
print_reflection_data src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_reflection_data(Struct_Def* def)$/;" f
print_struct src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_struct(Struct_Def* def, bool as_member_struct = false, int32 indent = 0)$/;" f
......@@ -3009,9 +3009,9 @@ total_time src/rituals_particles.cpp /^ int32 total_time;$/;" m struct:Particle
tq src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ int tq;$/;" m struct:__anon6::__anon7
transparent src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ int flags, bgindex, ratio, transparent, eflags, delay;$/;" m struct:__anon17
tt src/rituals_main.cpp /^float tt = 0;$/;" v
type src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ Meta_Type type;$/;" m struct:Meta_Member file:
type src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ stbi__uint32 type;$/;" m struct:__anon11
type src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ stbi_uc size,type,channel;$/;" m struct:__anon15
type_index src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ isize type_index;$/;" m struct:Meta_Member file:
u_night_amount src/rituals_renderer.cpp /^ isize u_texturesize, u_orthomat, u_night_amount, u_night_cutoff;$/;" m struct:OpenGL_Renderer file:
u_night_amount src/wtb_sprite_renderer.h /^ isize u_texturesize, u_orthomat, u_night_amount, u_night_cutoff;$/;" m struct:OpenGL_Renderer
u_night_cutoff src/rituals_renderer.cpp /^ isize u_texturesize, u_orthomat, u_night_amount, u_night_cutoff;$/;" m struct:OpenGL_Renderer file:
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