Commit 8cde3bd1 authored by William Bundy's avatar William Bundy

rituals build 95

parent 12cc6da0
git add --all
git commit -m "rituals build 94"
git commit -m "rituals build 95"
git push
git push github
......@@ -112,9 +112,6 @@ struct Lexer_File
char* start;
char* head;
isize structs_count;
isize procedures_count;
void init_lexer_file(Lexer_File* file, char* filename, char* prev_path, isize prev_path_len, Memory_Arena* arena)
......@@ -159,6 +156,9 @@ struct Lexer
Lexer_File* files;
isize files_count, files_capacity;
isize structs_count;
isize procedures_count;
void init_lexer(Lexer* lex, isize file_capacity, Memory_Arena* arena)
......@@ -168,6 +168,9 @@ void init_lexer(Lexer* lex, isize file_capacity, Memory_Arena* arena)
lex->files_capacity = file_capacity;
lex->main_file = lex->files;
lex->main_file->index = 0;
lex->structs_count = 0;
lex->procedures_count = 0;
Lexer_File* get_next_file(Lexer* lex)
......@@ -1207,7 +1207,7 @@ StructKind_Member src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ StructKind_Member$/;
StructKind_None src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ StructKind_None,$/;" e enum:Struct_Kind file:
StructKind_Struct src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ StructKind_Struct,$/;" e enum:Struct_Kind file:
StructKind_Union src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ StructKind_Union,$/;" e enum:Struct_Kind file:
StructMemberCapacity src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 752;" d file:
StructMemberCapacity src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 755;" d file:
Struct_Def src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^struct Struct_Def$/;" s file:
Struct_Kind src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^enum Struct_Kind$/;" g file:
Struct_Member src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^typedef union Struct_Member Struct_Member;$/;" t typeref:union:Struct_Member file:
......@@ -2368,8 +2368,8 @@ next_random_double src/rituals_random.cpp /^real64 next_random_double(Random* r)
next_random_float src/rituals_game.cpp /^real32 next_random_float()$/;" f
next_random_float src/rituals_random.cpp /^real32 next_random_float(Random* r)$/;" f
next_random_uint64 src/rituals_random.cpp /^uint64 next_random_uint64(Random* r)$/;" f
nextchar src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 198;" d file:
nextchar src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 424;" d file:
nextchar src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 201;" d file:
nextchar src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 427;" d file:
night_amount src/rituals_renderer.cpp /^ real night_amount;$/;" m struct:Render_Group file:
night_amount src/wtb_sprite_renderer.h /^ real night_amount;$/;" m struct:Render_Group
night_cutoff src/rituals_renderer.cpp /^ real night_cutoff;$/;" m struct:Render_Group file:
......@@ -2473,7 +2473,7 @@ print_reflection_data src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_reflec
print_struct src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_struct(Struct_Def* def, bool as_member_struct = false, int32 indent = 0)$/;" f
print_struct_names src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_struct_names(Struct_Def* def, isize index, char* prefix, isize prefix_len, isize* counter, Memory_Arena* arena)$/;" f
print_token src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^void print_token(Token* t, Token* start)$/;" f
procedures_count src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ isize procedures_count;$/;" m struct:Lexer_File file:
procedures_count src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ isize procedures_count;$/;" m struct:Lexer file:
progressive src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ int progressive;$/;" m struct:__anon6
prop src/rituals_game_info.cpp /^ } prop;$/;" m union:Rituals_Entity_Userdata typeref:struct:Rituals_Entity_Userdata::__anon1 file:
ptr src/rituals_game_info.cpp /^ void* ptr;$/;" m struct:Rituals_Entity_Userdata::__anon12 file:
......@@ -2941,7 +2941,7 @@ stbi_zlib_decode_noheader_buffer src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^STBIDEF int stbi_z
stbi_zlib_decode_noheader_malloc src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^STBIDEF char *stbi_zlib_decode_noheader_malloc(char const *buffer, int len, int *outlen)$/;" f
step src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ int parse, step;$/;" m struct:__anon17
stop_state src/rituals_main.cpp /^void stop_state()$/;" f
structs_count src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ isize structs_count;$/;" m struct:Lexer_File file:
structs_count src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^ isize structs_count;$/;" m struct:Lexer file:
stub src/rituals_world_area.cpp /^ World_Area_Stub* stub;$/;" m struct:World_Area file:
style_index src/rituals_particles.cpp /^ int32 style_index;$/;" m struct:Particle file:
styles src/rituals_particles.cpp /^ Particle_Style* styles;$/;" m struct:Emitter file:
......@@ -3071,8 +3071,8 @@ v3 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec3 v3(Vec2 a)$/;" f file:
v3 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec3 v3(Vec2 a, real z)$/;" f file:
v3 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec3 v3(real x, real y, real z)$/;" f file:
v4 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec4 v4(real x, real y, real z, real w)$/;" f file:
valid src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 208;" d file:
valid src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 425;" d file:
valid src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 211;" d file:
valid src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp 428;" d file:
validate_uint32 src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^typedef unsigned char validate_uint32[sizeof(stbi__uint32)==4 ? 1 : -1];$/;" t
value helping_gb.cpp /^ T value;$/;" m struct:MapEntry file:
value src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ stbi__uint16 value[288];$/;" m struct:__anon9
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