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# Change Log
## [v2] - 2015-08-27
### Bugfix and improvements for VS CRT source location
- Fixed potential crash when using links in source view
- Better support for VS CRT source detection (added VS2015 and Universal CRT)
- Upgraded Qt to 5.7.0
## [v1] - 2015-05-02
### First release!
- Allows to profile 32-bit or 64-bit executables
- Run new process or attach existing one
- Automatic download of pdb files for system dll files
- Shows flat view - who was function taking most time
- Shows call graph - which function calls which one
- Search or filter by function name
- View source code with profiling stats per line
- Navigate profile information in source code view (click on red percent numbers)
- Open files in explorer, in default editor or in Visual Studio
- Saving collected data to file for analyzing later
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