Commit 61ed1cd1 authored by William Bundy's avatar William Bundy

rituals build 116

parent d4813421
git add --all
git commit -m "rituals build 115"
git commit -m "rituals build 116"
git push
git push github
......@@ -1323,6 +1323,12 @@ Struct_Def* find_struct_defs(Lexer* lex, Token* start, Memory_Arena* arena)
enum Meta_Type
struct Meta_Member
uint64 flags;
......@@ -1061,6 +1061,7 @@ Megabytes src/rituals_win32.cpp 83;" d file:
Memory_Arena src/rituals_memory.cpp /^struct Memory_Arena$/;" s file:
Menu_State src/rituals_main.cpp /^struct Menu_State$/;" s file:
Meta_Member src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^struct Meta_Member$/;" s file:
Meta_Type src/metaprogram/metaprogram_parser.cpp /^enum Meta_Type$/;" g file:
Metaprogram src/metaprogram/metaprogram_main.cpp /^Metaprogram_Core* Metaprogram;$/;" v
Metaprogram_Core src/metaprogram/metaprogram_main.cpp /^struct Metaprogram_Core$/;" s file:
Min src/metaprogram/metaprogram_main.cpp 67;" d file:
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