Commit d7d743dc by William Bundy

rituals build 118

parent 3721d928
git add --all
git commit -m "rituals build 117"
git commit -m "rituals build 118"
git push
git push github
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ Memory_Arena* Temp_Arena;
struct foobar
int **(v[32]);
int **((*v)[32]);
......@@ -3056,7 +3056,6 @@ usize src/rituals_main.cpp /^typedef size_t usize;$/;" t file:
usize src/rituals_sort_generator.cpp /^_generate_sort_and_search_for_numeric_type(usize);$/;" v
usize src/rituals_sort_macros.cpp /^_generate_sort_and_search_for_numeric_type(usize);$/;" v
usize src/rituals_win32.cpp /^typedef size_t usize;$/;" t file:
v src/metaprogram/metaprogram_main.cpp /^ int **(v[32]);$/;" m struct:foobar file:
v src/thirdparty/stb_image.h /^ int h,v;$/;" m struct:__anon6::__anon7
v2 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec2 v2(Vec2i vi)$/;" f file:
v2 src/rituals_math.cpp /^static inline Vec2 v2(Vec3 v)$/;" f file:
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